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The king is dead, long live the king!

Now it's your turn to rule your small 8-bit style kingdom. Unfortunately, our country has seen better days: the hordes from the south are about to invade, our economy and morale are pretty low, and rumors spread of assassins in town. Make decisions that count, but be cautious. You never know when you'll die.

  • Each decision affects the story. Trade, raise the army of undead, make alliances or execute your loyal subjects. The choice is yours. The characters remember your doings and act accordingly.
  • Manage resources. Balance your kingdom's Army, Food, Gold, Faith, Happiness, and Health. A wise king knows what's best.
  • Survive. The game has dozens of endings - a chain of wrong decisions can lead to death. Maybe next try you'll live a little longer?
  • Play minigames. Cut wood, mine for gold, trade on a market or win the princess in dice. Your skill can save your life.

How will your story end?



Король умер, да здравствует Король!

Настала пора и тебе возглавить своё маленькое королевство. Но боюсь сейчас не лучшее время заступать на престол: на нас наступает орда варваров с юга, наша экономика и воинская мораль в упадке, а ещё ходят слухи об убийцах в городе. Обдумывайте ваши действия тщательно, Милорд. Но помните: никогда не знаешь от чего погибнешь.

Принимай решения. Торгуй, воскрешай мертвых, заключай союзы или устраивай показательные казни. Выбор за тобой. А у каждого решения будут свои последствия.

Управляй ресурсами. Перераспределяй свои Армии, Еду, Золото, Веру, Счастье и Здоровье в королевстве. Мудрый король знает, что лучше для его подданных.

Опасность везде. В игре десятки разных способов умереть и ни одно прохождение не будет одинаковым! Выживи как можно дольше.

Проходи миниигры. Командуй дровосеками, посылай шахтёров за золотом, торгуй на рынке или обыграй принцессу в кости. Твоё мастерство может помочь спасти королевство.

Как повернется твоя история?


Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorFuzzy Pixel
GenreRole Playing, Simulation, Survival
Tags8-Bit, kingdom, Mouse only, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds


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Another update with new features, bug fixes and story events!

Available for download now =D

A year has passed, the new HUGE update has arrived Sire!

  • Game+. New story events will appear after the 11th day of rulership. They will most certainly make the game more interesting while trying to survive, conquer the world, or make alliances on a political map.
  • New characters. More different NPC's to interact and make friends with (or enemies if you will).
  • New mechanics. You can now become an investor-king and profit through villages taxation or build schools to educate your peasants.
  • Overall improvements. You can now skip the tutorials, control the sawmill with a keyboard instead of a mouse, create undead on the graveyard to help with protection when using dark magic.

Is there only the demo rn

Yes, the full game is currently in development and is planned for release early 2020.


The game came out! You can buy it now. Thanks for waiting! =)